Andreas Jochim [Strawberry House Clinic]

I attended Gary’s accredited 1-day emergency first aid training course last Friday. I had done a similar St John’s Ambulance one some years ago and this one was better overall.

It’s probably something that everyone should do, so that if we are confronted with a medical emergency, we have some idea of what to do rather than standing around watching helplessly and waiting for someone else to assist.

We covered scenarios such as what to do if someone is choking, or collapsed unconscious, or losing a lot of blood. Also, how to use a defibrillator.

Gary is very knowledgeable and though there was a lot to take in, everyone in the group passed the test at the end of the day.
I would certainly recommend this course to colleagues, friends and family.

Andreas Jochim | Registered Osteopath,Strawberry House Clinic
Andreas JochimRegistered OsteopathStrawberry House Clinic