First Aid training for cleaning staff

First Aid training for cleaning staff


As a part of our company we employ domestic cleaners to attend the homes of our clients. In some of these cases our clients are immobile or have various physical and health needs.We felt it was important to have first aid training for our staff, to give them the confidence to deal with a first aid emergency, whilst visiting the homes of one of our clients.

  • Supporting our clients and staff

    As some of our clients have various degrees of physical and health needs, it may fall upon one of our domestic cleaning staff to have to help in a first aid emergency, when attending their homes.

  • Training sourced and supplied!

    Training sourced and supplied!

    After consulting Gary of NMA Training and Coaching Providers, we was able to source and supply training to some of our staff at one of their local venues. The training was consistent with our needs as well as being both fun and informative, the venue also provided a lunch and all at a very reasonable cost.

  • Peace of mind training for staff and clients

    Peace of mind training for staff and clients

    Having some of our domestic cleaners trained in First Aid we feel that we have given our staff the peace of mind to know how to support our clients in a first aid emergency. Additionally, our clients benefit from the knowledge that should they require First Aid whilst our staff are attending their homes they can be relied upon to help them.

  • Gary was extremely informative, his friendly and vibrant character still shone through his extensive knowledge and it was clear he was very experienced and professional whilst creating a light atmosphere within the room

    Caroline Werge

    Caroline Werge | Company Director,Eco-domestics
    Caroline WergeCompany DirectorEco-domestics