Fire Safety Course

Did you know that breaches of fire safety laws can result in unlimited fines and imprisonment?

The Fire Safety Course is a regulated and nationally recognised qualification that has been specifically designed for anyone who has a specific responsibility for fire safety in the workplace such as designated fire wardens/fire marshals

The syllabus includes:

  • Causes of fires in the workplace
  • The fire triangle
  • Hazards during and after a fire
  • Fire and Smoke spread
  • Identifying and controlling fire hazards: Fire prevention, Fire detection and raising the alarm, Means of escape, Principles of extinguishing fires, Fire-fighting equipment and systems.
  • Fire safety laws
  • Duties and responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Undertaking a fire safety inspection
  • Fire safety risk assessments
  • Contents of a fire safety briefing
  • Risk assessment awareness
  • Roles and responsibilities of the nominated fire warden: one a day-to-day basic and during an emergency

Successful candidates will gain an understanding of fire safety management at work and the specific roles and responsibilities related to fire safety in the workplace.

Fire Safety Course

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Per Group (up to 16)