Full staff training day!

Full staff training day!

Hillyfields Primary Academy

Staff First Aid Training Day

  • Supplying training to 200 staff over 2 sites in 1 day

    Supplying training to 200 staff over 2 sites in 1 day

    The client required that Emergency First Aid Training be delivered to 200 staff over 2 sites in one day. This feat would require enough coaches to be able to adequately accommodate the clients request

  • Coaches Resource

    NMA Training and Coaching Providers has access to resources that can provide First Aid Trainers for a client. On this occasion, we were able to source the correct amount of extremely qualified and enthusiastic coaches to be able to deliver the required course to numbers suggested by the client

  • Mission success!

    Our dedicated staff were able come together and deliver the require First Aid course to the client. All attendees were delighted with the training that was delivered and have recognised our ability to deliver, high quality training and a reasonable cost and to cover every aspect of the clients needs!

  • We would definitely recommend NMA Training for your First Aid needs!

    Leanne Pittson

    Leanne Pittson | PA to the Head Teacher,Hillyfield Primary Academy
    Leanne PittsonPA to the Head TeacherHillyfield Primary Academy